About Mazique enterprise

Why should you use Mazique Enterprise VS going to Priceline, Booking.com or Expedia?



1. Our service is absolutely FREE to you.


2. We do all the research for you and provide you with options. All you have to do is call and tell us about your upcoming trip and let us do the work for you.


3. You are able to pay for your trip over time and not all upfront. (Depending on vendor and how far in advance the package is booked.)


4. We save you time and do all the searching and research for you.


5. We can do group bookings and take on coordination role.


6. We save you time, money in most cases and frustration.


7. We do destination weddings.




Are you looking to book a destination wedding, honey moon, group travel for churches or organizations you name it we can customize the best package for you. Just Call Us at 972-755-9207. We also offer referral fees to anyone that refer someone and they book with Mazique enterprise we will pay a $10.00 referral fee!!!



                                       When should you use an online booking engine and not Mazique Enterprise?



When you’re only booking a flight or rental car only as the rates are the same across the board and we are not able to get a discount when these are purchased alone there is no benefit to using a travel agent.  




$$Unlimited Referral$$