Why I love Travel

What I love about travel is that travel is a part of our lives as we travel on a daily basis whether it's going to work or driving our children to school, or taking a family trip.


Travel is simply apart of life whether we like it or not. I didn't realize that travel was such a large industry or how much people travel until I became apart of the travel industry as a travel agent. I didn't realize how many people travel for weddings, family functions, taking cruise's, mission trips or just living and enjoying life and traveling the world. Before I got started in the travel industry I knew I wanted to travel but now I have a different appreciation for travel and a different outlook on travel. I now have the resources to get travel at wholesale prices for myself and for my clients and I'm now travelling more than ever. We only live once and I don't feel that we should only experience travel during our daily routine but we should have the option to travel the world and visit all of the wonders of the world. One of the places I plan to visit is the great pyramids in Egypt.


I can’t wait to see the pyramids which is this amazing structure that was built thousands of years ago and is still standing strong and sound to this day. It's amazing how people years ago was able to build sound structures like pyramids and didn't have the equipment and technology that we have today. I've never actually seen or been to the desert so I would like to experience that as well. There are many places that I plan on seeing within the next few years and I will talk about who I am and where I plan to travel and I will share my travel pictures when I’m traveling so make sure you subscribe to my blog to follow my journey. If you are planning a trip and need help I would love to help you but if you're like me and enjoy planning and researching your own trip I would love to share with you how I get access to wholesale prices and how I became a travel agent. You can find out more about wholesale pricing by visiting or you can visit my website and contact me to plan and book your trip!Many blessings my friends!