Travel Franchise Opportunity


 Travel is a product that broadens your views of the world every time you spend time in a new destination. No wonder the word “travel” is the number one researched word on the Internet!

Are you passionate about travel and would love to help others share your love of travel - while earning an income from home? Mazique Enterprise partner with Global Platinum Services as a host for our travel agency. At Global Platinum Services, they offer you the opportunity to become financially independent by providing you with all the tools, training and support you need to become successful selling the most exciting product worldwide – TRAVEL!
As a Global Platinum Service Agent, you’ll have the opportunity to earn some of the highest travel commissions in the industry, plus enjoy all the travel perks and tax advantages available only to host travel agents.

Please watch the video below for more information in regards to our travel franchise opportunity.

Benefits of a Home base business

 1. Flexibility – Working out of your home provides much greater flexibility and control than starting a conventional business. With an internet business, you can choose when you want to work and where you want to work. You’re not confined to a single location; you can be on beach or in a plane and still be able to work.

2. Very Little Risk – Starting a home-based internet business doesn’t require the high costs of a traditional brick and mortar business. You don’t have to dive into your savings, get a business line or credit or borrow from friends and family. You can get started right away without breaking the bank. Whether you decide to operate from a spare bedroom or a garage, your new business can be up and running quickly and with very little risk.

3. Earnings Potential – With an online, home-based business, your income potential is unlimited. You can reach a very large market, directly, quickly and affordably, no matter the size or location of your business.

4. Financial Independence – When you learn how to generate profits online, you’re teaching yourself how to become financially independent. As you start selling products online successfully you can scale up your business. By repeating this process, you have the potential to create multiple streams of income. With an internet business, your income isn’t dependent on the number of hours you work.

5. Personal Fulfillment – Running your own business online can be a very rewarding and gratifying experience. No matter how big or how small your idea is, by doing something you’re passionate about, your journey to success can be much easier and fulfilling.

6. Tax Benefits- There are many but please consult a tax professional to see what benefits are available in regards to becoming a business owner.

Cheryl I’ve watched the Video and I have read all the wonderful benefits to starting a home base business and this opportunity just makes sense. I’m ready to start my next professional opportunity, however I have one question. When I get started do I have to recruit people in the business or can I just be a travel agent?

 The answer is No you do not have to recruit if you don’t want to you can truly just provide great prices to consumers and be just a travel agent. If that answers all your questions and all you want to know is how do you get started then please click the button below and get started.




Cheryl I watched the video and I have read all of the benefits of the opportunity and I like what I saw but I have a few questions I would like to have answered. If you have questions we will love to get them all answered right away. Please click the click here button below and make sure to leave us your phone number and someone will be contact you as soon as possible to get all your questions answered.